K4WK Bio

Hi, Wayne here.  I enjoy bicycling, hiking, canoeing and guitar.  I like to combine the hiking and the ham radio as much as I can.  Combining the other three with ham radio, not so easy.

‘Twas a ham as a teenager in the sixties but dropped out till 1996 when I stumbled/bumbled into a Ham Radio Outlet.  Never heard of the place before, so naturally I went in – Toys R Us!  It wasn’t long before I was outfitted and licensed.  I got Extra the year vanity calls were opened up, so I grabbed k4wk, WK being my first and middle initials.  I still have my straight key from High School, and my Heathkit Q-Multiplier but that’s all.

Because of my interest in the outdoors, I like SOTA and POTA.  Mostly use CW.  Try QRP when I can, especially toward the end of contests when people listen harder for you.  Delving into D-Star and liking it.  Excepting PSK31, haven’t tried the digital keyboard modes yet.

Tweeter @k4wk and blogger at www.hamdom.com.  Drop in sometime.

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