What’s an LxPedition?

What’s an LxPedition?  Like a DXpedition, but you can walk home afterward!  Read about it at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LxPeditionsAtlanta/.

LxPedition (noun) – Just like a HAM DxPedition except no sponsors,
you use your own money, and if all goes wrong you can walk back home
(if you really want).

What is an event?

First is a temporary set up done while traveling for business or
vacation. This type involves posting a simple schedule of times and
frequencies and attempting to make contact. Typically these
LxPeditions are 250 to 300 miles out from Atlanta, on 75 or 40 meters,
and scheduled for evenings. These grew out of experiments with NVIS.
One of the first LxPeditions was from Kansas City on 20 meters. A
more recent one was from Cumberland Gap, KY, on 40 meters.

Second and newest, a lunch time approximately one hour event for 10
meters. No sun spots yet so these have been mainly Atlanta metro area
events so far – really local – though the range of 10 meter is really
impressive when the band is quiet. Clear contact at 50 to 60 miles
have been made mobile to mobile – AM and FM both. There are base
stations, mobile stations and portable bases participating in these.

And then there are mini-field days and mobile/portable operations.
Basically just go out somewhere, set up and operate. Usually four to
six hours in duration, often include 2 meter or 6 meter, sometimes
solo, sometimes with a several stations in operation. The group also
recognizes local special event stations if schedules are posted on
the group on yahoo groups.

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