Handy abbreviations for CW and for everyday life

If you use twitter as I do, living within its limit of 140 characters is challenging.  You can try to stay within the limit by being terse and by breaking grammatical rules from time to time, but another way is to use abbreviations.  As hams, we already have a collection of abbreviations, some of which will translate easiliy into common English.  For example, CUL should translate fairly easily but 73 would not. 

I have begun a list of “civilian” abbreviations that ham’s already know but that regular folks can understand with only a little guesswork.  Pls add ur own suggestions as a comment below.

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Tnx es vy 73, Wayne de k4wk

ABT = about
AGN = again
B4 = before
BTW = by the way
CK = check
CUD  = Could
CUL = See You later
CUZ =  Because
DIFF = difference
ENUF = enough
FWD = forward
HR = hour
MGR = manager
MSG = message
PSE or PLS = please
R = are
RPT = report
SHD = should
SRI = sorry
TNX = thanks
U = you
UR = your
WUD = would
WX = weather
YR = year

TU = Thank you

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