SKCC – Straight Key Century Club

Interesting QSO Thursday nite involving my new discovery of SKCC.  So we exchanged a few emails and here’s the thread:

Ron, emjoyed our QSO tonite.  SKCC I told you abt is at  I only learned abt it last wkend when I worked someone at 3550 who asked me for my SKCC #!  I ckd it out and joined (free) and got my # 2 days ago.

Wayne, I checked out the website you gave me after our QSO and, after sleeping on it overnight, I have decided to join too.  It seems like SKCC is a good place to meet some interesting old-fashioned hams.  I had never heard of it before last night.  Thanks for the introduction.

I do appreciate straight key proficiency and try to keep mine up to a decent level, but I use a keyer/paddles most of the time except for New Year’s Eve.

I just happened to be trying out my old Kenwood TS 830S that hadn’t transmitted into an antenna in about 15 years last night and the straight key was the only one I had handy with a cord having the plug for it.  I didn’t realize that I was sending CQ in the SKCC 80 meter working frequency range.

Ron, amazing coincidence that you were calling CQ in SKCC range.  I just got my # Weds so wanted to try it out Thurs.  I read on the SKCC website to tune dn 2 kHz fm 3550 if a straight key and tune up if a bug.  So I blew the cobwebs off my old key and got on freq, and there you were!

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