A few CW tips

  1. Join FISTS – The International Morse Preservation Society – www.fists.org.  “When you’ve worked a FISTS, you’ve worked a friend.”
  2. “Accuracy Transcends Speed.”  While no doubt true, even at my slow speed, my sending accuracy less than perfect.
  3. Don’t id with each transmission.  Once every ten minutes is all that’s required..
  4. Use abbreviations, Q’s and prosigns, and use them properly
  5. Cut out unnecessary words.  E.g., No need to say “name here is Ken;” just say “name Ken.”  We know where you are!
  6. If you have a longer or less common first name like I do, Wayne, use a shorter nickname in CW, esp with intl ops.  My middle name is Kenneth so I use “Ken.”
  7. This one is hard to break but try not to repeat everythiing unless asked.  For me, in Atlanta, GA, that’s a lot of letters to repeat. 

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