QSO 365

I am following G6NHU’s QSO 365 Challenge (http://qso365.co.uk/what-isqso365/) to make at least one qso everyday.  Today is Jan 28 and I’ve succeeded to make 28 daily QSO’s so far this year. 

In my time zone, eastern, 0000Z occurs at 7pm, so I’ve been waiting till after 7 to get on the radio every day.  Yesterday and last night I was out of town so when I got back today I had to get on the air before 7pm to make my qso for Jan 27, then waited a bit till after 7 and made mine for the 28th.  #28 was Croatia, calling CQ on 40m CW. 

Thoughts so far: this is both a burden and good discipline.  Most of my contacts are CW and a New Year’s Goal has been to get better at CW.  I don’t have time to actually practice CW but getting on the air daily, even tho just for a short qso, has improved my ear.  I am still solid at 17wpm but shaky at 19 and up.  In the low twenties, the speed of most DX stations, I have to hear the exchange several times to catch the whole call sign and then thankfully all I have to do is send and receive 599.

So much for the good discipline part; the burden is that I have to do this every night, even if I’ve been out for the evening or I’m tired or something else, or have to be darn sure I can get on the air before 7pm the next day. 

Since I’m doing this at night (as I have a fulltime job), 40m and sometimes 80m are all that’s been open.  This weekend I hope to work on 20m and up during the daylight. 

I don’t think I can keep this up for 365 days unless I get a mobile HF rig I can use in the car and take on trips.  Alas, Dayton is too far off to be of help here!

2 thoughts on “QSO 365

  1. I wish you good luck with this, quite a few people have picked up the challenge and I hope you do well with it.

    I’ve not carried on with the QSO365 this year but my ‘unofficial’ goal is to have more QSOs/month in 2012 than I did in 2011.

    Keith, G6NHU

    1. Any regime that increase radioactivity over the year before, no matter the parameter, seems like a good one to me. If I keep up QSO365 I’ll not only have a nice streak, but more QSO’s than last year (255) and most likely more in any single month.

      However, I have a three-day wkend without radio coming up so I will have to bends the rules by banking some QSO’s before I go.

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