HK0NA DXpedition

I’d been trying to bag HK0NA for two wks but could barely hear them most the time.  Then, this wkend I broke thru (100 w, wire antenna) and worked them on six bands and two modes.  How did that finally happen?

They work split, which I find dicey on CW but not bad at all on sideband.  I am just not that good on CW and can’t tell where they are listening so I just have to guess around and follow the pileup while trying to stay at the edge of it in case he moves out.

Anyway, it was pretty satisfying to work them once but six times?  Priceless!

They are on a tiny tiny island in the Pacific off the coast of Columbia; so tiny, it is not listed in my fancy glossy World Atlas (but, like everything else apparently, was easily found by Google Earth.  Thank you, Serge.

With the snagging of HK0NA and a random capture of a station in the Bahamas on 20m I’ve brought my 20m total entities worked to 101; hope I can get 100 confirmed.  Of the 101, 94 are phone so I’ll next strive to get that up to 100+. 

And, I have 95 on 15m and 88 on 10m so I’m wanting to get them up to over 100 soon. 

That’ll go a little slow for me as these are all daylight bands and as a guy with a day job, I can only work those on wkends. 

QSO365 is still progressing and these tend to be after work contacts on 40 and 80m.

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