Murphy Follows K4WK up a Mountain

Yes, Mr. Murphy, who had been bothering me all day Saturday while tuning (or trying to tune) my homebrew buddistick vertical, trailed me Sunday for my SOTA Activation of Clingmans Dome.  First, at the top ( steepish climb, btw) there were no hoped-for picnic tables for me to comfortably sit and operate.  Second, even tho it was Easter Sunday there were plently of people around to become curious abt my activities so I located a little ways down a side trail that went nowhere.

The antenna did not tune up any better on Clingmans than it did on my back deck; i.e., SWR of up to 20, but I operated anyway.  I could hear my Atlanta friends very well but none could hear me on 40m.  N4EX, a big SOTA player and Association Regional Manager, worked me easily fm Raleigh.  That was all for 40 min when I moved up to 20m.  At 14.285, the qrp freq, there were some spanish-speaking hams but they were 44 so I didn’t think I’d bother them.

Amazingly, I did bother them with 2.5 watts and a poor antenna so I had to QSY.  Went up to 14.287 and ND0C answered my CQ, N1EU, W7CNL and KK1W.  That made five qso’s and only four are needed to win points for the activation so my first SOTA was a (mild) success and I’ve captured ten points.

Now need only 90 more!

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