Antenna Problem, Solved

It’s a winter day abalun-with-snapped-off-connectornd finally the weather’s dry enough and mild enough to work outside so, let’s get up on the roof for a closer look at the pesky wire antenna with ridiculously high SWR.

I noticed that condition when my Kenwood HF refused to tune up on 80m

(although curiously, it would tune on 40m).  Loosening the center halyard dropped the balun within reach and the problem easily spotted: the wire on the shorter leg of the OCF Dipole had snapped off (see picture).  No wonder I had lousy SWR.  My junk box contained the proper lug connector that was easily crimped into place and dipole rehoisted.  New SWR’s are as low as 1.1 on 17m up to 2.6 on 15m and 3.5 on 30m.  The biggest improvement was on 80m; it is now 1.9 versus 5 or 6 before.  Unfortunately, propogation’s no better so I’m am still qso-challenged.

Signing off for now, de k4wk,  Thanks for listening; you’re in the log.

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