Why’s this Black Box called a Brick?

So that’s why they call this a brick amplifier; just a black box, no on-off switch, no lamp to tell you it’s on, nuttin’ but a 30-watt, 30 dollar brick!  Tested it in my car by driving some distance away from friend Steve, KA4RSZ, on simplex and lowered the power on my HT to the point that he could tell I was weak, then plugged in the amp for a good signal report.  Brick 2m amp


Park Activation, Florida, December 2017

K4WK on deserved vacation activating DuBois Park in Jupiter, Fla Dec 2 and trying out my “new” used radio: Icom 706.

Four qso’s – Fla, Ga, SC and Va on 40m. Lots of noise. Didn’t realize till later I could’ve participated in BOTA (yes, another *OTA program), Beaches on the Air.  Think of the pileup I missed!  DuBois Park Dec 2

Tried two antennas: first was an End Fedz and it worked pretty poorly for me; then I hooked my old reliable Link Dipole as a sort of inverted vee that worked some better but overall, results were disappointing.  Need to try to get it higher.  This time was maybe 15-18 feet at the apex, in a wooded area.  In an area of Palm Trees, not a lot of branches to throw a line over, but there were a few oaks to use.