Park Activation, Florida, December 2017

K4WK on deserved vacation activating DuBois Park in Jupiter, Fla Dec 2 and trying out my “new” used radio: Icom 706.

Four qso’s – Fla, Ga, SC and Va on 40m. Lots of noise. Didn’t realize till later I could’ve participated in BOTA (yes, another *OTA program), Beaches on the Air.  Think of the pileup I missed!  DuBois Park Dec 2

Tried two antennas: first was an End Fedz and it worked pretty poorly for me; then I hooked my old reliable Link Dipole as a sort of inverted vee that worked some better but overall, results were disappointing.  Need to try to get it higher.  This time was maybe 15-18 feet at the apex, in a wooded area.  In an area of Palm Trees, not a lot of branches to throw a line over, but there were a few oaks to use.

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