CW Morse Trainer Android App

Here’s an excellent free app to let you hear Morse Code, preferably through your earphones so your neighbors don’t look at you and roll their eyes, called CW Morse Trainer.  You can set your speed as well as waveform, qsb, spacing and dot-dash ratio but I only mess with speed.  You can listen to a QSO, hear a series of  more-or-less random English words, your own text mode, ebook mode, groups of five scrambled characters (i.e., not words from a real language), and callsigns.  I have improved a lot by using the Callsign mode because you have to keep your head ready for letters and numbers, plus an occasional “slash.”  I like it.

Get it from your Android Market and check them out at  They have a few other amateur radio apps that may interest you.


Nifty electronics reference program for Droid phone

This afternoon I was out in the garage using a new but very cheap ($10) multi-meter I had bought at Dayton a few weeks ago.  Decided to test its accuracy by ohming a few random resistors but I didn’t feel like going back in the house to dig out a resistor color code table but as I haven’t memorized the color codes, needed a reference.  Searching “resistor color code” on the Android Marketplace brought up 12 results, five of them free.  I read a few reviews, then downloaded the “free with ads” app called ElectroDroid as it had many more features than just resistor color code.

It is way cool!  For the resistor color code, an image appears of a resistor with columns of colors beneath it.  Use your menu button to select how many bands there are on the resistor in question, then touch the appropriate colors from left to right and presto, your resistance value is displayed.

The only hard part is interpreting the colors on a resistor compared to the bright shiny colors on the app.  My carbon resistors are all old and I don’t know if colors have faded or if purple was a lot pinker in the vacuum-tube past but once I got the colors right, I got the resistance right.  Check out ElectroDroid at, or more simply,